Posted by: Diane Langton/SourceMedia Group News | June 11, 2009

Flood brings memorable day for CR dogs

A story published June 1, 1903, related the relatively minor damage of the Cedar River’s flooding at the end of May. Particularly interesting was how the high water affected the city’s dogs.

flooded rats

Was the cracker plant the Continental Biscuit Co. , whose address in the 1903 City Directory was 321 S. First St., or was it the former Shaver & Dows Cracker Factory at 87-89 S. First, which was sold in August 1890 to the New York Biscuit Co. It was sold again in July 1891 to the National Biscuit Co?



  1. Both cracker factories you mention are the same location. 87-89 S. First Street and 321 First Street SE are the same building. About 1895 Cedar Rapids changed its street addressing system. What was left of the old First Street SE cracker factory building was demolished about 1972 to make way for an addition to Smulekoff’s furniture store.

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