Archive Attic passes on to you the historical treasures found from past editions of The Gazette.


(Photo above is a view looking south of Union Station, June 24, 1961)



  1. trying to find info and history (articles, obits, ads, etc. ) obout john killian, originator of killian bros., killian company, killian’s department stor(s). this man is my great grandfather. as an only child of an only child, i am the last of my line. i am trying to collect information so he will not be forgotten.

    i’ll be happy to pay for any copies. thanks for your help.


    mr. major killian
    major killian@yahoo.com
    (910) 949-2190

  2. Thanks to a family member we received an article on my husband’s family, Rompot. His roots go back to the first immigrants to Iowa from Bohemia and his grandfather owned the Rompot Farm. Wensil was given 650 acres of land when he immigrated from Bohemia. We will be looking forward to more articles on the family. Thanks for all the efforts on doing this project we understand the time involved. Thomas & Linda Rompot

    • rompot farms was only 250 arces and mr wencil rompot bouht it in 1900 from david blakely who was co founder of the sinclare packing house its was called shady brook farms

  3. I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  4. rompot farms wencil rompot owed the david blakely shaddy brock farm and david and th sinclar were partners at the packing house the rompot pot farm is only 250 acres

  5. Paul radio show was always a big deal in our house when i was growing up. Nobody was allowd to talk when Paul was on. My dad out of the blue heard Paul talking about him in the summer 1975 while he was eating lunch and just could not believe his ears. It was about a compost he built in his back yard in Eagan to make free heat and air. A small newspaper had published it before Paul got it. Are there some archives where I can find this? I was not home that day……………Val

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